Become a Florence Marine X
Test Pilot

Apply to join our Research & Development Team in testing new products.

How it Works


We’re looking for individuals with an interest in pushing gear to its limit. If you’ve ever looked to the horizon and wondered what’s beyond it, we encourage you to apply.


Each product will have its own qualification standards (activity, climate, etc). You only need to apply once, but qualification will happen on a product-by-product basis. To qualify, you must complete/meet the following requirements: 

Be a Florence Marine X Society member.
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Internet access and a valid-email address. 

Able to read and write in the English language. 

At least 18 years old. 

Provide body measurements. 

Fill out the entire survey.


If you are selected to test a product, we’ll reach out and notify you. You’ll be responsible for letting us know you’re interested in participating. From there, we’ll mail you the item and have you put it through the paces.

The Testing Process

Accept The Mission

Once you agree to test the product, we’ll ship you the item in your size. 


Test the product for a required amount of hours per week for testing period (generally 1-3 weeks). If possible, we ask that you document your use of the product. This not only helps our team see it in action, but enables us to share with our community via social media the R&D journey our gear went through to reach its final form. 

Feedback & Findings

Keep detailed logs of your daily activities. At the end, you’ll answer a simple online questionnaire and/or participate in virtual focus groups with our Design and Development teams.

You In?

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